Hello! My name is Janet and together with my pug Pecas we form the perfect tandem behind My Pug & Co.

But “what is My Pug & Co.?”

We are a brand of dog accessories founded by women located in Barcelona. My Pug unites creativity and fun to create the coolest, most comfortable and high-quality dog ​​accessories with which to pamper your dog.

So if you're tired of boring doggy accessories…

Welcome to the My Pug & Co. Family!

What is the history of My Pug & Co.?

This crazy roller coaster started at the beginning of the quarantine in March 2020 in a room at my father's house.

We began to investigate the idea of ​​creating our own accessories and on October 20, 2020 we took the plunge with Bandanas and Bow Ties handmade by my mother-in-law.

We spent the next 4 months working around the clock designing, creating, testing and perfecting our first collections of Harnesses, Collars, Leashes and Bag Holders and when we launched it in February 2021, we had no expectations of how it would be received.

But after an amazing launch, we realized My Pug & Co. wasn't just going to be a hobby.

In September 2022, after a lot of work, we moved to our first office, where we can develop all our creativity and give you a better service.

Currently, My Pug has launched more than 20 different collections, accessories for walks that were difficult to find in Spain such as: Bag Hangers, Waterproof Straps, Bags for Walks, Knitted Sweaters..., it has Points of Sale around the world and ALL thanks to your constant support.

Thank you for making My Pug a community full of love for puppies, not just another brand of dog accessories.

Licks, Janet, and Freckles.